Public Speaking: Inligtingsbrief

BRIEF:   20190310

                                                                                                                                         8 March 2019


Dear parents

We would like to supply you with the following information concerning the internal public speaking competition to be held on Wednesday, 24 April 2019 for Gr 1 – 7 learners.  Any learner may take part in this first round which will be seen as an elimination round for further competitions throughout the year.  Information regarding the venues and times will be handed out later.

The topics for this competition is as follows:

Grade 1 – 3: 

  • Play
  • Pictures
  • Happy
  • Blue

Grade 4 and 5:

  • Words
  • Time
  • Friends
  • Space


Grade 6 and 7

  • Words
  • Time
  • Friends
  • Space
  • Peer pressure
  • Socialism

Public speaking demands a convincing and argumentative speech.  The main object is not to inform the audience, but to convince the audience of a specific point of view.  From the theme chosen, a topic should be formulated which contains a certain point of view and this point of view should be proved using arguments and resources.

A very important and informative meeting will be held on 3 April 2019 at 18:00 in the school hall.  At this meeting the arrangements for the different competitions throughout the year will be discussed.  It is imperative that all the parents attend this meeting, if at all possible.  We will also discuss the structure and presentation of a public speaking address.

Please complete the note and send it back to school before/on 14 March 2019 to Mrs. Annatjie Hattingh (G6).  A participant’s name cannot be placed on the list if the parental consent has not been received.

Good luck with the preparation.


Mrs. Annatjie Hattingh                                                                            Mr. Deon Rousseau

Organizer                                                                                                    Principal